Thursday, September 30, 2010

New view of Streetscape project via Google Maps

The great folks at Greater Greater Washington pointed out that Google Maps recently updated its DC satellite view. Where were you around 1 pm on Sunday, August 29?

I have been known to spend hours on Google Maps and Google Earth, but I was really surprised to see the full aerial shot Columbia Heights Streetscape Project. I never noticed the concentric circles before.

You can also see Columbia Heights Day, the day after.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Call for another trivia night?

I like bar trivia. I often win at bar trivia. But do we really need another one in Columbia Heights? Organizers from Trivia Kings, who host a number of events at DC bars, have started a petition on Facebook to bring a trivia night to Meridian Pint. With a weekly trivia at Wonderland on Mondays, a bi-weekly game at Commonwealth on Sundays, when would be the best fit for our newest 11th Street spot? 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

New arts groups hosts fundraiser tonight

Looking for something to do tonight? A new music education group in Columbia Heights is having their first fundraiser. Stop by the Wonderland beginning at 8 pm to learn more about (and support) The Respect Music Foundation. There will be live music featuring an experimental set with Jason McMullen (drummer of The Drains) and DJ BlueMenthol. Drink specials include $5 PBR and Beam shot combos. Proceeds will go towards Resepct Music Foundation arts and educational programming, which will be used to obtain grants to build a community music cooperative, where artists may rehearse, record and produce for free in exchange for providing music lessons to the public.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

details on new 11th St. Mexican restaurant

The Washington City Paper has a nice interview with the folks who will be opening a new Mexican restaurant in the 3300 block of 11th Street. Writes Tim Carman at Young & Hungry:

Jackie Greenbaum, the restaurateur known for her eponymous industrial DayGlo eatery in Silver Spring, has signed a lease to open a casual Mexican restaurant in Columbia Heights. The tiny, 800-square-foot operation will be located at 3313 11th St., in a former liquor store, and will not only sell regional Mexican foods but also snacks inspired by the L.A. street food scene.

It's great to see that their plans includes being open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and maybe even a rooftop deck. Will this be the new hotspot of 2011?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Capital Bikeshare installed

I didn't notice this yesterday, so it must be a new addition. The Capital Bikeshare station, minus the actual bikes, has been installed at 14th and Harvard streets. Will you be one of the renters / cyclists?