Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Five Guys is Alive? Is it?

Rumor has it Five Guys should be open right about now. Any initial reports?


Beta said...

Just brought our Five Guys dinner back to our place. I've gone to a couple of other locations about 5 times total. My husband had never had it before.
The verdict: Good burger, greasy (but tasty) fries.
There were also a LOT of fries. I like it when places aren't stingy with the fries.
They're hopping right now, but not overwhelmed.

Crystal said...

beta: Yeah, I guess the news is just getting out. I'm sure people'll flood the place en masse fairly soon. I didn't know it was open until last night, after dinner.

ArtBart said...

Walked by around 8 pm last night and there was a line inside and it seemed to be moving quickly. I wasn't able to stop for dinner but will later this week.