Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Heights - New Menu for Trying Times

I just got an email alert from the Heights letting me know that their menu, like my wallet, understands this crap economy.

They cut their prices, expanded the options, and are claiming a "recession-proof" happy hour.

You can view their menus on their website.

I checked on my favorite item - the steak salad. It used to be $13.95 at dinner and it's now going for $10.95, though I didn't notice much of a change in the lunchtime price - $10.50. Some things didn't change - like the bloody mary - but they make up for it by opening at 9AM for brunch.


~Binkles said...

When I went their when they first opened, they were quite rude and had quite an oppressive happy hour policy. I emailed the place as well as the owner about my problems and never heard back.

Had they just had happy hour restaurant wide when they opened, I wouldn't have had the issues in the beginning, and would go there often. Too bad.

Also, I've heard that they have rats there the size of St. Bernards.

Anonymous said...

I think it is great that the owners of The Heights are thinking about the sagging economy, however I might not have a problem paying their original prices if they would just train their staff to be attentive. EVERY time I have gone there I get ignored for 15 to 20 minutes while i wait for a drink. I have walked out waiting for drinks twice there and I have only lived in CH for 4 months. Pretty sad, and I have been a waitress for many many years.

JT said...

Has the happy hour always been on the patio too? The limited bar seating always killed it for me - though the buffalo shrimp are really awesome. Good to see the Brooklyn Lager too. I'll certainly be back there soon. Thanks for the update, I would have had no idea.

~Binkles said...

No, the patio has just been opened for happy hour, just in time for winter!

The problem I had on my first trip was that happy hour was only at the bar and the "community table". I sat at the bar, then moved to the community table when my girlfriend arrived. The bartender went ballistic.

My second trip there, I was told that happy hour was not at the community table, and that had always been their policy (obviously not true from my previous experience there). They were just jerks. I just walked out, never to return. That was about a month after they opened.

So, now it appears that happy hour is only absent in the booths indoors.

~Binkles said...

Sorry, I should note that the bartender went ballistic because that community table had waitress service, and I didn't know that. Also, he charged us full price for a wine we didn't ask for because they were out of the happy hour wine.

Anonymous said...

That is pretty cool, are there any other restaurants in the neighborhood that are doing the same? Do you think Columbia Heights will get more restaurants due to the economy? It's kind of an out of the way location for new places.