Saturday, June 5, 2010

First Impression: Columbia Heights Farmers Market

The Columbia Heights Community Marketplace opened this morning to overcast skies but luckily no rain. I stopped by during my morning coffee run and was pleasantly surprised with the open set-up on the Civic Plaza, as well as the nice mix of growers and producers.

Price-wise, fruit and veggies were comparable to other farmers' markets I frequent, but I did find that lettuces were 50 cents to a dollar cheaper here than other neighborhood markets.

The Marketplace has a full list of vendors on its website, but here is a rundown of my favorites:
  • Dolcezza Gelato - yummy gelato and sorbet from the Georgetown and now Dupont gelato shop
  • Stachowski Brand Charcuterie - delicious artisan sausages and meats
  • Upper Crust Bakery - I am enjoying a scone from them right now
  • Twin Post Farm, LLC - farm fresh chicken eggs, and come September, duck eggs
Can you use the CH Community Marketplace as your one weekly farmers' market visit? Perhaps. But I think my ideal Saturday morning will now be visits to both the Mt. Pleasant and Columbia Heights farmers' markets. You can get all the local fruit, veggies, cheeses, and breads you need. Plus even some gelato for dessert.


Anonymous said...

Wish there had been another choice for veggies and flowers

Alex said...

I guess this will vary for each person, but I didn't find a whole lot of choice for the stuff I need ( veggies). I'm happy to see it there but hoping it will grow to offer more choice.

Anonymous said...

THL wrote "mix of growers and producers." What's the difference between the two?

ArtBart said...

Agree with those who thought the choices were limited, which is why I think I will still frequent Mt. Pleasant Farmers Market on Saturdays. It has a much larger selection, especially as the summer progresses.

Park said...

they to replace the stage with more vendors next time.

Anonymous said...

There are no plans to put vendors in the the fountain space. The goal is to keep the fountain open and operating, except the first Sat of the month when entertainment goes in that space. There is other space for expansion when the time comes.

W Jordan