Thursday, May 26, 2011

Outdoor pools open this weekend

Saturday is opening day for DC public pools. And while the forecast calls for rain, Sunday and Monday look fantastic. 

The DCPR website has an easy-to-search map of all outdoor pools in the city, which will be open from 12-6 pm on weekends only until June 21. Here are some of my favorites:

Georgia & Euclid NW
Think Giant or the Wonderland are the only places you see way too many people you know? Nope, try this pool, too. 

24th & N
Morning recap central. Remove those earbuds and just eavesdrop on the conversations around you.

East Potomac 
Ohio Drive SW
Create your own mini-triathlon. Bike to Hains Point. Swim a mile in the pool. And run the Ohio Drive loop. 

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