Monday, April 27, 2009

All Around the Neighborhood: Pancakes, Crime and Love

Pancakes! Maybe... Prince of Petworth is reporting some "scuttlebutt" that IHOP is considering coming to DCUSA. The big question, says ArtBart, is how late it would stay open. The Heights Life has long supported a 24 hour restaurant to save us from 2AM CVS mac and cheese purposes. And hey... pancakes! Did we mention the many kinds of syrup?

Crime! It's warm out, which means more people on the streets and an inevitable crime spike. The Heights Life witnessed a good amount of police activity around the neighborhood this weekend. Yesterday evening, three police cars raced up 14th at ridiculous speeds. And the CH Yahoo Group has two disturbing reports. One person asked about shots fired in broad daylight on Sunday afternoon. Another says there is a groper in the neighborhood.

Love! The CH News Forums are notoriously nasty. Last year a group of forum posters held a happy hour to try to engender a little forum love, but DCDireWorlf and broNat continue to battle with CH Kool Aid and New2CH. Alas, one friendly forumite has decided to seek some common ground based on universal support for escalators at the Metro and universal hate for zombies. As of this update, nobody has joined in the attempt at forum community building.


Jon said...

That was my happy hour, and my zombie forum post. Sometimes I think I'm the only one on the forum bothered by all the hate.

Spud Lite said...

Aww, well we came to the happy hour and liked it. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed! As you can see by my blog post... :)

ArtBart said...

Washington Business Journal article on IHOP in talks to open in DCUSA: