Saturday, January 23, 2010

Olympic Special @ Social

We don't write much about Social on this blog because we never go there. But... Social has done it. They finally gave me a reason to go back after many many months.

In a few weeks, CH readers may notice this blog freaking out about how much we love the Olympics. Because WE LOVE THE OLYMPICS. I'm watching ice dancing nationals right now. No, I can't skate - but I do LOVE those twizzles.

Anyhow, Social gets my Olympic love and has a legit Olympic special. Actually, to make this really legit - Social best be showing the Olympics on all their TVs (if they have TVs... I can't recall). Anyhow, here it is:


2/12 – 2/28


$4 Bronze, Silver and Gold Margaritas in the Cellar on days the U.S. wins medals of that type.

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Anonymous said...

does anbyody go to Social regularly?