Friday, January 29, 2010

Vacancy update: Tivoli Square

Is the former Nori / Mayorga Coffee space at Tivoli Square cursed? It is a prime location in Columbia Heights but in the past 3.5 years, not one establishment there has had much success. And now The Washington Business Journal is reporting that the operators of Nori are being sued by the Tivoli Square owner for unpaid rent:

The tenant "failed to pay all rent due and owing under the lease," said the complaint. That resulted in the tenant's formal eviction Nov. 16, but the 6,000-square-foot space was vacated months before in July.

 The article also includes this litle tidbit: the corner spot has "has generated a lot of interest," according to its broker at KLNB Retail. So what does $160,00 a year rent give you:
  • 3,012 SF vented corner restaurant space
  • Additional 3,095 usable SF on lower level
  • Lower Level has 12 ft. ceilings, is sprinklered and has two means of egress.
  • Space includes two large walk-in coolers
  • Conveniently located across the street from Columbia Heights
  • Metro Station and the new 550,000 SF DC USA Shopping Center
  • Join Giant Food, GALA Theatre, Target, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, Washington Sports Club and many others in historic Columbia Heights
Also still available in Tivoli Square is the spot formerly occupied by Rumberos. Got some details on what may move in there, or have a request? Leave a comment below.


Park said...

that space is so dysfunctional. that and the fact that the operators of mayorga and nori sucked.

Jamie said...

$160,000 per year? That's insane. Could a popular bar even pull in enough to cover rent, utilities, and other overhead in that space?

For over 3K in space, there's got to be less than 1K that's usable. It's a truly awkward space. While I think it worked best as a bar/cafe when Mayorga was there, it's much less valuable than contiguous space. The rent should reflect that.