Friday, February 12, 2010

Metro Snow Woes Continue

You'd think maybe today would be the day and Metro would be functioning like a mostly functional transit system. Don't get your hopes up. The AM commute on the Green line is slow and crowded, but doable. Transferring at Metro Center or L'Enfant though? Don't bother. Just walk. Single tracking, dangerously crowded platforms, screaming police officers, overcrowded trains and waits that will surely overrun your delayed start time at the office.

In good news land: OLYMPICS TIME! Seriously, the Olympics are the only thing right now that will actually make snow look awesome. Don't forget - Social has an Olympic special (so long as America WINS!).


Anonymous said...

Does America include, as it usually does, Mexico, Central America and South America? Or do you mean the USA?

Meanwhile, I've never seen such anger on Metro as I did this morning. Lots of people calling each other "bitch" and telling each other to get out of their fucking way.

ArtBart said...

I took the Circulator to work this morning. The bus was on-time and not crowded. The drive down 14th Street was safe and slow, and I only had to navigate one unfortunate snow pile on K Street.