Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Prince of Petworth is reporting that ALERO is coming to Columbia Heights. Read it: http://www.princeofpetworth.com/2010/03/new-alero-coming-to-columbia-heights-in-the-tivoli-on-14th-st-in-old-rumberos-spot/
Alero provides some of the most generic Mexican food in all of DC. But their margarita pitchers are maybe my favorite... after Las Placitas on Capitol Hill.

And to answer your question PoP, YES this IS a good fit for that space. The problem I always had with Rumberos is that it was overpriced and not that interesting. Alero is not that interesting, but the price is right.

I really hope they do late night, because SOMEONE in Columbia Heights needs a better, cheap late night.

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Jamie said...

As tex mex goes, I think Alero is among the best in DC. Way better than Lauriol Plaza. And they do have good margaritas.

I agree this is a good fit for the space. We'd all like something more interesting, but in reality, we need something that can stay in business more. Besides, there's no other tex-mex in the 'hood, and anything is better than another pizza joint.

I am sure it will do very well.