Thursday, March 25, 2010

Columbia Heights “Best of DC” Winners

The Washington City Paper published its annual Best of DC issue today. As always, Columbia Heights was well-represented among the readers’ poll and staff picks. Let’s take a look at the neighborhood honors.

Readers' Poll

Best Bakery - 1st: Sticky Fingers Bakery

Best Burger - 1st: Five Guys

Best Electronics Shop - 1st: Best Buy

Best Neighborhood Bar - 1st: Wonderland Ballroom

Best Pho - 1st: Pho 14

Best Thai Restaurant - 1st: Thaitanic

Best Vegan Restaurant - 1st: Sticky Fingers Bakery

Best Outdoor Patio - 2nd: Wonderland Ballroom

Best Place to Smoke Weed - 2nd: Malcolm X Park

Best Singles Bar - 2nd: Wonderland Ballroom

Best Up and Coming Neighborhood - 2nd: Columbia Heights

Best Dive Bar - 3rd: Wonderland Ballroom

Best Greasy Spoon - 3rd: Florida Avenue Grill

Best Metro Stop - 3rd: Columbia Heights

Best New Bar - 3rd: Room 11

Best New Yoga Studio - 3rd: Quiet Mind

Best Pizza - 3rd: Pete's Apizza

Staff Pick: Best Bar with Board Games - Red Derby


Jamie said...

Interesting that best Thai restaurant on CP's page is "Thaitanic" at "1326-A 14th St NW"

That's actually Thaitanic II.

I'm not trying to call out a typo or anything here, but since there actually is a "Thaitanic" that's been around a lot longer than our Columbia Heights version, one has to wonder if they really meant Thaitanic I or Thaitanic II.

When I voted I voted specifically for Thaitanic II.

ArtBart said...

Food is the same amount of deliciousness both places, it was an editorial call.

IMGoph said...

jamie: 1326 is the location south of RIA, and that is the first one. i'm a little confused by your point here. you're saying the first one is called "thaitanic II"?

also, florida avenue grill is not in columbia heights. sorry, at the bottom of the hill is not in the heights...

Jamie said...

@IMGoph - you're right to be confused - as I am the one that was confused.

I just assumed that "14th Street" was the same one I live near on 14th Street without thinking about the address. I didn't realize the other one was also on 14th, though 20 block south.

Sounds like CP mean to give the prize to the one NOT in Columbia Heights. But anyway, I would imagine as Artbart says, the food's the same, I'm glad to have II near me.