Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Columbia Heights Shoe Shopping: A Rant in 200 Words

In the two months that the inexpensive shoe triumvirate of Target, Marshalls, and Payless has been in operation at DCUSA, I should have purchased at least three pairs of cute, cheap perfect-for-summer shoes by now. Except, in fact, it’s been the exact opposite:

  • While the Columbia Heights Payless has a lot of shoes in my size (something that the Metro Center and Adams Morgan stores do not), their summer styles just don’t suit me this year. Or they don’t have the shoe I want in stock. Where is this shoe, Payless?!
  • Marshalls' shoe department continues to surprise me, but between May and August black heels are the last thing I want to buy. Give me embellished sandals!
  • This weekend Target’s shoe department was full of empty shelves because they removed all the shoe boxes, with the exception of anything by Converse. A call to Target as to why they no longer use shoe boxes was not answered, but it certainly doesn’t help an already quiet corner of the store. Also, has anyone else noticed this Target rarely puts its shoes on sale or clearance? I used to have the best luck getting good deals at the Potomac Yards Target, but not yet at Columbia Heights.


Anonymous said...

To things of note I saw this morning:

1) an alcohol licence request posted on the front of DCUSA main doors with Target as the named requester. No idea what it means exactly. Maybe Target wants to sell beer and wine? I have never heard of that before. Hmm.

2) The doors to Mediteranean Blue were open. It looks like zero work has been done on the inside from where I stood. However, this is the first time I have seen anything going on with that restaurant. Perhaps it is starting to move forward? Here's to hoping...

Just an FYI. If you have any insight it would be greatly appreciated.


Jimmy D

Anonymous said...

You can order shoes from Payless online and have them delivered to the store free of charge. Note that one time I tried to do this the website never actually processed my order so I never got said shoes. But still, it's an option, perhaps.

And maybe I'm a complete idiot -- but where the heck is the shoe section at CH Target? I don't tend to venture upstairs so maybe it's there?

Voice of Reason said...

Ummmm....no offense to you, BUT...think about it. You're shopping at cheap, discount, no frills stores. You shouldn't expect much. You sound like you should be shopping at Nordstrom's, NOT Payless.

CaitlĂ­n said...

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