Monday, June 9, 2008

Rough Friday night?

Has this ever happened to anyone? Or perhaps this is one of our readers? On Saturday morning around 7:30 am, I found a guy sleeping on the front stoop of my building. No shirt, no shoes, but cell phone in hand. We had a lovely conversation:

Excuse me, do you live here?
Dude: No, do you?
ArtBart: Yeah.
Dude: Where am I?
ArtBart: Washington, DC.
Dude: [obviously] No, shit.
ArtBart: You’re in Columbia Heights.
Dude: Oh. [stands up, stumbles to the sidewalk and starts making a call on his cell phone]

It was a strange way to start the day. But the real question is, how did this guy get there? He didn’t appear to be a victim of mugging or robbery. Was it a prank pulled by friends on a passed-out drunk after a house party? Or did he get kicked out of bed? Maybe he just wanted to sleep in the great outdoors of Columbia Heights?


AlphaTango said...

Walk of shame?

Anonymous said...

I mean, if I kicked a guy out - even a really drunk one - I'd still give him his shoes, right?

Truth About It said...

You should always have a camera handy.