Friday, June 6, 2008

Wonderland in the WaPo

The Wonderland Ballroom made it into the Washington Post today for going all Gossip Girl with some public Guitar Hero nights.
Check it out by clicking here. And here is an excerpt:
Rock On in Columbia Heights

By Karmah Elmusa
Friday, June 6, 2008; C11

Guitar Hero isn't just a game. Well, technically, it is. But it has also become a phenomenon worthy of media attention, a "South Park" episode and, now, a designated night at Wonderland Ballroom.

Every Tuesday, the top floor of the Columbia Heights hot spot is transformed into a wannabe-rocker's dream den. Lights are down, a projector is up and the speakers are at full tilt, creating an intimate two-player paradise for Hero junkies and their groupies.

While Guitar Hero night is a fledgling operation (it started in early May), the potential for a cult following is there. There are, of course, the standard draws of Wonderland-on-a-weeknight: a beer selection that's extra cheap before 8 p.m. (Delirium is popular here), friendly staff and that off-the-beaten-path feel that disappears when the weekend crowds roll in.

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