Friday, September 12, 2008

Crime Crime Crime

Frequent listserv voice William Jordan made a good point yesterday. The last few days of the 3D Substation crime report look like they could be from the last few weeks.

Normally when school starts again, we see a bit of a decline in crime. I have no statistics, but that doesn't seem to be the case this year.

The Heights Life will be honest here and say we're particularly concerned because a couple of the muggings reported happened on our well-trafficked block, and not always during absurd hours.

How will we stumble home from the Wonderland at 2AM under these circumstances? The answer: probably the same as always, but with less confidence that we'll arrive chez nous with our purses.

Also, we'd like to suggest to the police that they get more Segway cops, and maybe the Segway cop can bring along an extra Segway in case I want a ride home. Just an idea.


Anonymous said...

Absurd hours?!?!

One entry was for an "attempted carjacking" at 7:35 am on 9/9 in the 1400 block of Newton. That's terrifying...and *exactly* when I (and several of my neighbors on the same block) are getting into our cars to head off to work. We're not stumbling home from the bars...we're trying to earn a living.

Spud Lite said...

No no, I said it wasn't at absurd hours. Like someone getting mugged on my block at 9PM, or your example. 3AM crime in Columbia Heights doesn't usually surprise me - but 7AM, 9PM, that's scary because it means the criminal isn't afraid enough of the cops.

Anonymous said...

How about some links? To the crime statistics? To comments taken from the listserv?