Friday, September 5, 2008

SHOWDOWN! Potbelly v. Pete's

Hulk Hogan can have the celebrity feud of the week, because now 'The Heights Life' has SHOWDOWN! a new feature where we pit two embattled Columbia Heights "things" against each other and declare a winner. People, places, streets, pets, whatever it may be. But, since this is a blog for the community, I will welcome a vote in our Heights Life Poll to overturn any SHOWDOWN! decision I may make that you disagree with.

For our first edition, let's go with something obvious. They're neighbors. They both serve food. Their names start with the letter "P." And I can be seen at one or the other several times each week. It's time for...

SHOWDOWN! Potbelly v. Pete's Apizza

Category 1: Service
I'm quite certain Potbelly has a strict customer service regiment. It's why they shout your order down a line the same way every time. It's also why they seem to do this without a lot of fire in the potbelly... their service is a script, and while it keeps it consistent, I don't know if I FEEL it so much. Pete's, on the other hand, seems to be staffed by people who... well... like their jobs! Shocking, I know, but it's a family affair and they aren't stuck to a script. I even asked someone if something was good last week and you know what they said? They said, "I don't know. I haven't tried it yet." Honesty is good service. Victor: PETE'S APIZZA

Category 2: Price
Quality and quantity are always at play when considering pricing, but if we try to look at the straight up bang for the buck, everyone knows Potbelly is way cheaper than Pete's. Sure, a single slice at Pete's is less than a Potbelly sandwich, but the sandwich will fill you up far quicker. And... a $4 slice? Remember when you could get a burger for a quarter? Ok, me neither, but I still think $4 for a slice the size of a Pete's piece is a bit high. Throw in a salad and a drink and Pete's is a $10-$15 meal. At Potbelly its tough to break into the double digits. Victor: POTBELLY

Category 3: Deliciousness
It's one and one and it comes down to the final category... who is more DELICIOUS. Do I even need to explain myself here? Pete's is damn good. Their deliciousness quotient puts Potbelly to shame. The paninis are great, the pizza is gourmet, and the house salad is perhaps my favorite thing ever... it's just a salad, but it's so very good and organic and full of deliciousness! Potbelly is tasty, but come on - Pete's has gelato. Victor: PETE'S APIZZA

Pete's Apizza: 2
Potbelly: 1
WINNER: Pete's Apizza

Congratulations Pete's! I will be by later for my house salad with chicken and a Diet Coke to go.

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