Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Metro: Efficient Inefficiency

As anyone who boards the Metro at Columbia Heights via the Northbound entrance knows... that thing is downright broken.

Almost daily I plod down the slippery stairs in heels not meant for plodding wondering - when, why, didn't they just fix this thing?

Apparently our Metro escalator is classified as a "MAJOR REPAIR," per WMATA, and is set to be in repair mode until March, at least.

But I do have good news - note the headline. After weeks of metal stairs where an escalator used to live, we have some movement! In the morning, the escalator has been going down. Then at night... it goes up!

Sure - only one side works.... and it's been broken FOREVER and won't be fixed for MONTHS yet. But nonetheless... a little efficient inefficiency. And for that I say - thanks for trying, Metro.

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