Monday, January 12, 2009

Ruby Tuesday = guilty pleasure?

Encouraged by a post last week on the Prince of Petworth, Saturday night was all about four words: Ruby Tuesday. Salad bar.  A visit to Ruby Tuesday has always been on The Heights Life's to do list (believe it or not), but there always seemed to be a better option when hungry. And I tend to associate Ruby Tuesday—and similar "casual dining establishments"—with suburban ennui. Well, I can report that my dinner was certainly not boring and it was mainly due to the salad bar. And mayonnaise. And a decent $3 beer.

OK, the mayonnaise, potatoes, and eggs option called "potato salad," and mayonnaise and apple combo (read: faux-Waldorf salad) were forgettable but it was an overall pleasant meal. And it's nice to have a fairly inconspicuous spot in the neighborhood. Who really ever expects to have a meal at Ruby Tuesday? As my dining companions noted that there were a lot of quiet, dark corners in the restaurant, I quipped it could be the Hamburger Hamlet of Columbia Heights.

So take note, if you have a date you don't want to be seen in public with, or need to meet with a 21st century Deep Throat, head up to Ruby Tuesday on 14th and Monroe. No one will suspect a thing.

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Anonymous said...

As much as I enjoy Entourage, you exposed your lack of DC history experience by not making note of our own once famed Hamburger Hamlet. During the eighties this was the fancy spot to take a date prior to a hot night at the high school dance. Fancy perhaps only in the sense it pushed a high school lawn mowing budget to the limit.