Sunday, January 18, 2009

Inauguration - Share Your Woes

ArtBart plans on writing up some sort of helpful Inauguration guide/tips for our readers.

I plan on bitching, and you're invited to join in! Have a complaint about a tourist? Forced to take your coat off to get onto the mall? See someone get cut in half by the Metro doors, requiring the entire train to be emptied? Share your stories by emailing I'll post them here.

I have some concerns about Metro's viability as we enter this Inaugural crush. See the poll I added - it's on your left.

When it was really cold earlier this week and the Metro was more crowded than the norm, we had problems, DC. The problem was that the doors wouldn't close. The train operator would complain "get out of the way or we're kicking everyone off the train," but nobody was in the way. It was freezing and the train was busted. Not just one train, not just two, but trains upon trains suffered this problem (ok, I have no stats - but I promise it was more than one based on eyewitness accounts). If the commute was that rough on a normal weekday... can you imagine the Metro doom that's on its way?


GW2L said...

Wonderland was PACKED last night. Haven't been on Saturday night in a while, so maybe it's always like that- but I'm blaming it on the Inauguration.

Spud Lite said...

Oh no! Did they have a line going? The Wonderland line offends me greatly.

Brandon said...

Other than poor cell coverage throughout the weekend, I thought the weekend went as well as could be expected.