Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day - Height Style?

Sorry - we suck at posting. I blame it on the distraction that is Thumb Cat:

Anyhow, we just want to ask this - Valentine's day, WTF? Since when did this holiday become an institution, Christmas style. Sure - it's always been obnoxious. But does the Heights, of all places, need a special menu for two? And seriously, at 11:20PM on Friday the 13th when having my tipsy ass dumped by a tax on 14th and Irving, the last thing I would expect to see is this:

But there it was - in all it's tacky Valentine's Day glory. What is this world coming to? And even if this world is coming to that - does Columbia Heights really need to participate? Can't we leave this hearts and candy shit to NoVa?

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