Friday, February 20, 2009

We Love Ruby Tuesdays

The Heights Life spent a while in this neighborhood before ever walking through the front door... but over the last few weeks, we've come to LOVE Ruby Tuesdays.

Take Wednesday night. THL had a hankering for a drink. A cold one. We attempted to snag two seats at The Heights bar, a favorite of ours, but it was full and it's not the type of place you can loiter chairless. I waited a few minutes, nobody was moving, but the hankering remained.

Alas! To Ruby Tuesdays, where the seats swivel, the drinks are cheap and the salad bar is AHSUM. Seriously, $3 drafts, $5 margs, and if it's not on the menu - they will make it for you anyway. I got a lemon drop. It had a sugared rim and I was happy. And the bartender, she was super attentive and friendly, as is everyone at Rubys.

If The Heights Life wore a hat, we'd totally take it off to Ruby Tuesdays. TRY IT! They aren't even paying us to say this, in fact - we pay them like $7 for the salad bar at least once a week.


It's not exactly neighborhood related, but I've personally come to LOVE Top Chef's Carla - and she is one of US! A DC dweller who is known to teach cooking classes in the Logan area. GO CARLA!


Anonymous said...

I love Carla too! Also, Teddy Folkman of Granville Moore's is currently doing a reality TV show. Not sure which one yet, but he could be a star.

Agreed about Ruby Tuesday- just cause it's a chain doesn't mean it isn't awesome. They've stepped up their game in the last couple years

Anonymous said...

$3 eh? Anything decent on tap?

Brandon said...

Got to disagree with you about Washington, DC. Sure, it's ok, but there are so many better options in Washington, DC.

ArtBart said...

The $3 draft changes daily. On tap is: Sam Adams, Sam seasonal, Blue Moon, Yuengling, and I think one other. Either way a great deal for when it’s cold outside and you don’t want to walk more than 5 minutes from home.

Anonymous said...

Ruby Tuesdays is terrible. I stopped going there after the last time, when the food took 50 minutes (for a hamburger) and the ceiling leaked all over me in the bathroom. I talked to the manager about it (literally, my hair was wet from the ceiling leaking as soon as you walked into the bathroom), who refused to do anything except say "oh, i'll have to look into it."