Friday, February 20, 2009

Is DC Breaking? Pipes, Trains and Power!

Problems problems problems!

What's with DC over the last few days. It's like the whole place is breaking, and in Columbia Heights, we've had our fair share of failures!

Tuesday night, there was a major pipe problem. Part of Irving Street right before you hit 14th was ripped open to repair the link, making the intersection into a river, briefly. The result was a few waterless hours for parts of the neighborhood.

Then, earlier today a swath of DC endured a power outage. I was at work, but it's my understanding that Columbia Heights felt the impact.

And now - the Green/Yellow line is totally busted. Not to mention Orange/Blue in total disrepair all day. Trains coming up here are sharing a track from Mt. Vernon Square to... maybe U Street? The damage was between Mt. Vernon and Shaw/Howard.

Alas - I'd like to go back to my original theory and say the Inauguration did it. It took a few weeks until we saw the full impact, but really - all those people broke our stuff!

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