Friday, February 27, 2009

My ongoing disappointment with Washington Sports Club

A few months ago, I changed my gym membership to the Washington Sports Club at DC USA. I liked my old gym a lot but having one just a few minutes from home worked much better for my schedule. My expectations were low due to WSC's reputation, but I am having a hard time finding anything good about it at all.
  • There is still no cardio machine sign-up board and waiting in line for a treadmill or Precor is common on each visit for me. Have you ever been to the gym when it wasn't crowded?
  • The quality of the group classes fail on each try for me. With the exception of the lunchtime yoga class on Mondays, but I can only take that on work holidays.
  • The free weight area is a free-for-all; I often end up standing and using the window as my mirror.
  • Very rarely do I see someone wipe down an exercise mat, on the main floor or in class. Eww.
How is your local gym experience?


Anonymous said...

Mint is the exact opposite of all these issues. Its fantastic, and cold minty towels await you after cardio

Anonymous said...

are you kidding. The WSP is great. They have a pool and a basketball court! I love it. Pilates class is pretty great as in Zumba. I usually work out in the morning or late at night and I rarely have to wait.

For the location and the size the WSP is amazing!

Anonymous said...

I go because it is close but that's about the only positive. A huge step down from Results and other clubs I've belonged to.

Daytime group classes are awful, people have complained but management doesn't have to care.

One of the instructors told the class that a student got ringworm from the mats. Ew. I'm bringing my own mat these days.

Anonymous said...

They put in extra treadmills a few months ago, but you still have to wait most days. I used to go at 6 am to get a treadmill. However, when I do wait for a treadmill, I never wait more than 15 minutes. It's really not too bad.

Anonymous said...

You people wait for a treadmill, and 15 minutes??? For reals??? I have a gym at work that only costs $10 every two weeks. It doesn't have a pool or basketball court but damn, I don't have to wait to do cardio or lift weights, and they have towel service with shampoo and soap provided. You peeps are complete suckers!

Anonymous said...

I could see waiting for a weight machine, but waiting for a treadmill? Could you just jog around the block a few times and accomplish the same exercise without the wait?

CynicalSyndicalist said...

Come on, that's just a half-empty-glass view of the club. Yes it is crowded after work and I've had to wait like 6 minutes for a treadmill once. I'm usually there for the weights though, and yes, it's busy and people are sometimes on the machine I want, but I just skip it, go to something else, and come back later. Isn't that just life in any gym during peak use?

Overall, I really like the place and can't say the boys aren't too bad looking either ;)