Sunday, November 15, 2009

Chipotle: Actually Going to Open

We've had some disappointments food-wise in the neighborhood recently. The sushi options have all left us. The Mediterranean bistro never came to be. But Chipotle - that's one that I think we can count on.

The sign is shining bright, the menu is up, and we only have to be taunted by burrito dreams for about another month.

Random aside on Chipotle - my favorite thing about New York's calorie labeling laws is the Chipotle menu. Because you can customize so much at Chipotle - they just post ranges next to any item. And so if you look at the burrito, for example, it says something like 150 (if you just get the shell?) to 3,000. Or the burrito bowl of like 10 calories (if you just get lettuce?) to 1,500.

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