Thursday, November 12, 2009

Street Sweeping Confusion & Tickets

ArtBart monitors the end of street sweeping like she does sales at Macy's. But - some people aren't so vigilant and apparently this year it caused a bit of confusion. If you got a ticket because you didn't realize street sweeping was over, you're probably pretty ticked, huh? You can stop being mad now and instead call the Department of Public Works and make the ticket go away (but will it? will it really...):

Dear Friends:

I want to thank those that called and wrote my office yesterday regarding
street sweeping and tickets.

Here is what we know. There was much confusion caused by the Dept. of
Public Works' quick decision to suspend street sweeping last Friday. This
resulted in very little warning to residents as there was only one
announcement of the decision.

This week, tickets were issued to residents who moved their cars to comply
with sweeping regulations unaware that cleaning was suspended. In all of
these cases, residents receiving tickets lived on streets where parking was
allowed on one side only, except on days of street cleaning. I requested and
received assurance that the Dept. of Public Works will review and dismiss
such tickets. Only tickets issued for violating a date and time restricted
zone connected to the same day of street cleaning will be rescinded.

If you have received such a ticket, please contact Ms. Nancee Lyons at the
Dept. of Public Works for help. Send the ticket information to

Bests, Jim Graham


Jamie said...

I have to say this is a bit confounding to me. In places with alternate-side street sweeping, the signage makes no indication that it isn't in effect in the winter.

At least in places where you can always park on both sides, the only consequence of ignorance is moving your car unnecessarily.

But in this situation, someone who just didn't get the memo would park in a zone that appears absolutely legal (no parking except tuesdays or whatever) and get ticketed.

Many people who I know who've lived in DC for years had no idea that street sweeping was suspended in winter. I guess you'd find out quick enough (at great expense, e.g. a $100 rush hour ticket) if you live in one of those alternate-side places.

But why can't the signs simply reflect this fact?

Why not just make the cutoff on the first of a month, and have the signs say "EXCEPT NOVEMBER-APRIL" or whatever?

Alex said...

It's also kinda odd that something that happens on an annual basis was the result of what Jim Graham calls a "quick decision."

Jon said...

@Jamie - the problem is the date changes every year. There are already four signs on each pole on the south side of our block. It already takes a grad degree in linguistics to parse the grammar on the signs we have.

Not that I don't agree with you that it's crazy, because it is, but I don't think a sign is really feasible.