Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Drinking on the Green Line: The Passenger

Remember the Warehouse Bar? The one by the Warehouse theater where Room 11 Dan used to mix up his amazing punches?

Well that's called The Passenger now and it's re-opening as such tomorrow, just down the Green Line by Mt. Vernon Square.

It still looks a lot like the Warehouse - same general configuration, same bar. It's definitely received a face-lift and the back area of the space will soon be a new addition designed to look like a rail car.

The drink menu has a range of wine by the glass (broad range of prices), beer (Pils, Arrogant Bastard, Bells and more) and a couple of specialty cocktails (which you can buy by the pitcher at $40 a pop). One of the gin punch variety which was very popular and another incuded egg whites - the sherry flip. I'm not sure I want egg in my drink - a little too sweet and tangy, but the proseco I sampled was excellent and if you like the protein with your booze, you can get it here.

The highlight for me wasn't the drink menu - it was the food... which I guess is bar food with a twist? The kimchi hot dogs ($7) Moroccan almonds ($3 a bowl) and paninis ($10 including chips) were delish. Worth checking out with the added bonus of green line convenience.

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