Friday, November 5, 2010

Leaf Collection Starts Monday

DPW sent over some helpful tips on leaf collection, as well as a link to the schedule. Leaf collection stars Monday, November 8.

Here are some tips for a smooth-running leaf collection season:

* Look up your street's collection schedule at

* Rake leaves into the treebox space the weekend before your street's collection cycles.

* Please - leaves only! Tree limbs, bricks, dirt, rocks, etc., will damage the equipment and delay collections.

* Prevent fires, parking problems and possible flooding by placing leaves in the treebox space, not in the street. When it rains, leaves will block the storm drain and cause flooding. Please remove any leaves you see blocking the storm drain.

* If you choose to bag your leaves, please use paper bags. Plastic bags will damage the equipment. You may place bagged leaves in the treebox space or next to the trash/recycling container(s).

* Protect the safety of our crews by driving slowly around their work area or change your route and avoid them altogether.

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