Monday, November 22, 2010

Pancake Sculptures at IHOP Party on Tuesday

The new IHOP in Columbia Heights is the 1,500th restaurant of the all-American franchise and the grand opening celebration is set for Tuesday morning. Not only are they giving away 1,500 stacks of pancakes, but the 1400 block of Irving will be one big party, complete with a stilt walker, DC monuments made out of pancakes (for real) and more.

But will the pancake sculptures be as awesome as Jim's Pancakes

Here are the details so you can adjust (or not) your morning commute accordingly.

6 to 9 am -- Guests allowed to line up for free flapjack certificates
6 to 11 am -- Pancake monument sculpting 
7 to 11 am -- Live entertainment (stilt walker, clown, magician)
9 am --  Ribbon cutting

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