Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Social has closed, so what comes next?

Tim Carman at the Washington City Paper wrote a blog post this afternoon that announced Social "will be closed for an indefinite period of time." I always felt that the restaurant / bar / concept at 14th Street and Meridian Place was trying way too hard to impress its customers. That and the food and drinks were more than often disappointing. So as @DeuceInDC wrote on Twitter, this is a good opportunity to put a "not-awful restaurant" in that location.

So, I leave that to you ... if Social is indeed 100% gone for good, what should occupy its space on 14th Street, restaurant or otherwise? Leave your thoughts below or let us know on Twitter by following The Heights Life.

UPDATE from DCist: Social Closed Due to Tax/Ownership Dispute.

1 comment:

Ace in DC said...

Nooooo. I never used my Living Social Coupon for this place!!!!!!