Saturday, August 9, 2008

Commonwealth: Nice Seating, Fake Buckets

So The Heights Life hit Commonwealth last night for the first time.

First, the good:
- Our waitress was awesome, so knowledgeable and helpful. She made great wine suggestions and knew the menu incredibly well.
- The wine and beer selection is interesting and offers some quality choices.
- The service was speedy and the seating fantastic. It's big inside and out, and we had no trouble getting a table.
- Apparently, the fried olives are good. I totally disagree with my friends on this one and I wanted to spit them out, but I don't like olives. So, if you do like olives, these are good, I guess.

And now, the bad:
- We ordered a "bucket" of chips. This bucket was an 8 oz. glass with about six big french fries in it. They were good, but the title misleading.
- The crab on toast was just that, but not really delicious and really overpriced. I saw some good looking food near us, but everything edible seemed a wee bit expensive.
- No happy hour (yet). Our waitress said one was coming, but I like a place that starts with a deal, personally.


Anonymous said...

The wine and beer are not that interesting considering you can get most of it elsewhere. The space is nice. But this is an eating establishment so you can only give them so much credit for the decor. I have to say that the food is not that great. My friends and I splurged on some entrees and they are not worth the price. You are better off sticking to the rest of the menu. The portions sizes are small though, so good luck getting full on a budget. If you are not careful, between the $8 beer and the $5 "bucket" of fries, the tab can get out of control. With these sorts of prices and the small portions, I have to disagree that this is a pub and I have to disagree that it is a neighborhood place, as they are pitching.

Anonymous said...

was the food good? your little review does not say much about the food.

Spud Lite said...

The food was... fine? We tried three apps and I only actually like one, but the other two were a stretch for me, so it's hard to tell. I tried some new things. I did not like them. If I stick with their soups, fries, and other basics - I'm guessing I'd be happy, though still a little hungry.

And maybe I'm wrong, but I did think the beer and wine list was different from the other CH places I frequent.

Anonymous said...

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