Thursday, August 21, 2008

WSC: Mr. T Says Wipe It Down

Mr. T had some WSC gym beef going on today.

And he makes some good points. Is it just me - or is there no sign-up board for cardio equipment? Shouldn't there be? Didn't they say there would be?

I took a class last night, so I didn't have to deal with the madness he endured, but the WSC is certainly crowded during the immediate pre- and post-work hours... and it seriously lacks any solid organization. People also don't have the same hygiene standards I saw at results, as Mr. T points out. It's polite to wipe off a machine, a mat, whatever it may be.

On the plus side - they just added a bunch of classes, both earlier and later ones. The addition of 7:30PM classes is good for those of us who work outside the neighborhood and need to trek home before hitting the gym. I applaud them for this and hope they last.

UPDATE: Some more positive WSC news from Matthew in the comments section - starting soon, soccer time in the gym. Plus, more machines extending into the stretching area, so hopefully Mr. T's Lord of the Flies scenario won't actually happen.


Matthew said...

I've gotta step in and defend WSC. It's not the best gym i've ever used, but I love it.

Almost every time I go to the gym I run into the account services rep. Not only is he extremely friendly, but he seems genuinely interested in my ideas about how the gym is working out. For instance, I asked about having a soccer pickup time in the basketball courts, and he got really excited and started to tell me about how they have been talking about that and will be starting in September. (hey heights life, theres a scoop for you!)

I would recommend that anyone who has gripes about the gym, track down either the person who signed you up or one of the other reps and just have a friendly conversation.

On the note of cardio machines, they are extending the gym into that random stretching area in the back right and getting more machines.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the hygiene standards. It drives me crazy that nobody wipes down their machines. It's basic courtesy. I have started wiping my machine down BEFORE and after a workout. Maybe some signage would help?

Mr T in DC said...

"On the note of cardio machines, they are extending the gym into that random stretching area in the back right and getting more machines."

Sounds good, thanks for the heads-up! I do like the gym in general and the staff seem helpful and friendly. It's so crowded though, they need to enforce the rules better and keep things orderly before it turns into Lord of the Flies in there. :)