Saturday, August 9, 2008

FIRE! FIRE! Or just another day at DCUSA...

The Heights Life is noticing a trend... Fire alarms at DCUSA.

There have been two in two weeks that we know of (and it sort of reminds me of the Anderson dorm at AU circa 2000-2001). Today, I was at the gym, just approaching a mile a the treadmill when WHOOOP WHOOOP the fire alarms started flashing and blaring, "There is a fire emergency in the building. Please exit using the nearest stairs."

For a while, everyone at the gym looked at each other, wondering if we really had to go. Slowly people started to leave and the staff apologized, looking annoyed, and escorted us all out.

Now, I am pretty sure that in a fire, you're not supposed to use the escalator, at least not while it's still on... but there was a massive traffic jam at the escalator with the folks exiting from all stores. I veered toward the back and went down some stairs that dumped me in the parking garage, I think.

When I left, the fire truck had arrived, but I'm pretty sure no flames were spotted and no emergency emerged.


Anonymous said...

Why would you not use the escalator? I think you're confusing escalator with elevator.

Sput Lite said...

No, I heard some Target employees (who I assume are trained in evacuating) saying you aren't supposed to. Maybe it's something about using electric stuff during a fire?

I dunno, could be wrong, but they seemed to know what they were talking about.