Friday, August 15, 2008

Finally some news on Royal Blue Bistro

What did I just say about restaurant news ...

Various DC foodie sites have some surprising updates on Royal Blue Bistro -- the forevered-brown-papered windows next to The Heights. From DCist:

Chef Rissa Pasibigan will be behind the stove at Royal Blue Bistro from Jawad Laouaoudaand Khalid Raji, of Citronelle. Pasibigan's name might be more familiar from her front of the house exploits at Corduroy and most recently West End Bistro. A CIA-trained chef, she will be designing the Mediterranean menu with inspiration from her upcoming trip to Morrocco. For anyone who has tasted the lumpia at Corduroy, you'll have an idea about her gifts behind the stove.

While RBB is slated to open in the Fall, I peeked at the space about a week ago and it looked still empty with little construction happening.

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