Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Columbia Heights Pizza Battle

The Washingtonian Pizza Pool is in the final four. Councilmember Jim Graham weighed in on the CH listserv in favor of Red Rocks in their last battle, but now where will Councilmember Graham fall as Red Rocks takes on Pete's Apizza? It's a Columbia Heights pizza battle for the ages. One can't live while the other survives... or something. I think that's a Harry Potter prophecy.

Anyhow, I'm sorry Columbia Heights, but you must choose. Vote here. You have until noon tomorrow. May the pizza be with you.


Jamie said...

While this is all very entertaining... the pool lost all credibility when Radius beat Two Amy's. Radius is seriously bad and Two Amy's is arguably the best pizza in DC.

That said, I would much rather eat at Red Rocks since I live two blocks away and there aren't 28 screaming babies there at any given moment. But any system that allows Radius to beat 2A is seriously flawed.

Spud Lite said...

Guess it's all about the GOTV.

ArtBart said...

The pizza pool has been one of my favorite things to track online the past few weeks, especially the enthusiasm of our local pizza makers. Both Red Rocks and Pete's have been rallying their supporters and customers throughout the voting. May the best place win.

Brandon Green said...

Making me hungry!