Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Countdown Columbia Heights: Favorite Bartenders

Today we are counting down our favorite bartenders in Columbia Heights. This was difficult - as we love anyone who controls our access to cold beer on a warm day - but these five folks are always there for us.

*Now as we made this list, we had a debate about whether an owner can also be a bartender. For the purposes of this list a bartender is one who tends the bar regularly, even if he or she is also an owner or manager.
*Also, you know Sheena from Looking Glass/Wonderland? We do, and we love her, but we counted her as Looking Glass which is of course in Petworth. Sorry Sheena!

Countdown Columbia Heights: Favorite Five Bartenders

5. Bill, Commonwealth (Bill made me feel better after I dyed my hair a dramatic color. That's a good bartender.)
4. Suzanne, Ruby Tuesday (Sure, she has to make the drinks by the Ruby Tuesday book, but it's a good book and she does a fantastic job.)
3. Dalton, The Heights (Saturday brunch isn't the same without a Dalton Special Bloody Mary, which isn't on the menu - but should be.)
2. Dan, Room 11 (We were lucky to steal him away from Petworth and happy to have him picking our wines.)
1. Soren, Wonderland (Sundress Party? He's there, in a dress. Columbia Heights Day? He's there, pouring beer as fast as he can. Damaged hand? Oh you thought this would stop him - but no! Soren is always there for your alcoholic indulgences, making him our favorite bartender in Columbia Heights.)

Disagree? Make your own list in the comments section.


Mitch said...

You should try out Dalton's martinis too! To die for!

Brandon Green said...

I've had some great drinks at Room 11.

Jim said...

Dbu at red rocks! She is the funniest and has awesome theme nights. rr after the dinner rush is a blast!

Spud Lite said...

@Jim I will admit I never go there for later night drinking or dining. But I will and I will look for Dbu!

rdo said...

Patrick at the Red Derby. I know its a block from the CH border, but its been there longer than Room 11.

Anonymous said...

ruby tuesdays? really?