Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Is Rumberos Closed? Yes, Yes It Is. UPDATE: But is it staying closed? We don't know.

We got an email asking if Rumberos had closed, so we walked by and sure enough - the windows are papered over and the outdoor tables were stacked up.

As we took this photo, two men came by and started pulling down the banner sign that hangs over half the restaurant.

We've heard rumors of Rumberos demise for a while now. One local restaurant industry leader noted it had some management issues. I thought it had some price issues.

We aren't sure what's going on there, but for now - you'll have to hit Social, Ruby Tuesday or The Heights.

Speaking of The Heights, the Kenyon Street construction is practically on their patio.

UPDATE: Despite what we heard and saw last night, PoP says they might reopen... In which case? What's up with the papered windows. Sketchy....

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