Monday, September 14, 2009

Some Thoughts About Giant

Today I offer three thoughts about the Columbia Heights Giant.

Thought 1: Why am I such a sucker for bonus card savings? Bags of shredded cheese are on sale 2 for $5... do I really need 2? No. But they are on sale... One still costs just $2.50... but they are 2 for $5. Of course... I get 2. Anyone want to come over for cheese and crackers? Nachos maybe?

Thought 2: Today I checked out in lane number 10 which is designated as "family-friendly." I guess this means it's not covered in candy as the sign said something about "good choices." It was, however, still full of gum, the same magazines, and had cookies locate precisely at the child eye level. I call BS.

Thought 3: Remember how Giant represented at Columbia Heights Day, sending over members of their team all day long and dishing out their delicious soft cookies? That was awesome.


Jamie said...

Thought #1: You're not so much a sucker for bonus card savings, as you are for clever marketing.

When they say "2 for $5" you don't actually need to buy two. They are $2.50 each. The only time you need to buy two to get the discount is when it says "buy 1, get 1 free."

I was on the Columbia Heights Day organizing committee. Giant has always been awesome. They paid for all the free food we gave away this year.

Jamie said...

Retract thought #1... I have a reading comprehension problem. Of course you already realize that :)

Jon said...

But their prepared food section is horrible. Other Giants have tomato mozarella salad, grilled vegetables, vegetable lasagna, macaroni salad, and other un-nutritious fare. (Sorry, I'm vegetarian so I don't really pay attention to the meat offerings, but I know they exist.)

Jamie, what food was there besides the Giant cookies? I might have gone omnivore if we could cook the sheep the escaped. Or that llama. (On a related note: A llama, that's in a fence so small it can barely turn around? Really?)

Jamie said...

We made burgers, dogs and fries for more than five hours (a little before 12 until 5 or so). It was kind of hard to miss, we had a grill set up right next to the entrance and there was a huge line all day.

Anonymous said...

If white people are Crackers...then does that mean hispanics are Nachos? Ummmmmm Nachos

Jon said...

1. I meant to say camel, not llama.

2. I saw the grilling, but I didn't know that it was free. Were there veggie burgers?

3. Anonymous, I don't even know where to begin with the cracker/nacho comment.

Jamie said...

We did have veggie burgers!