Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New parking sign by Metro

Like Spud Lite I do read signs. I also take pictures of them. Take
this one for instance. It recently appeared on 14th Street by the CH
metro stop heading north. This is one way to make people actually
park at DCUSA. Have you seen any others?


SeanInNW said...

There another on 13th Street NW southbound at Monroe. Personally I think the signs a waste as you can't read the locations and amounts from a distance.

Jamie said...

I've heard or read complaints before from people who apparently could not find, or didn't know about the existence of, the parking at DCUSA. Which I find unusual since it doesn't seem like anyone ever uses the lot.

Anyway, these kinds of signs are a good idea, but I have to say, the chances of that being noticed by anyone are slim to none.

Is there some reason that they didn't just go with the giant letter "P" like everywhere else on earth, that is immediately recognizable? Nobody knows what a blue sign means since it's not a color ever used on street signs. People probably will unconsciously dismiss it as a guide to a historical marker or something.

Beyond that the print is so small as to be basically impossible to read unless you stop, get out of your car, take a picture, and then zoom in on the words.

Total failure of the simplest imaginable function of DC government. How typical.