Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snolumbia Heights Day

Mayor Fenty says you aren't supposed to go outside. Like... at all. Even without car. Even to walk on the sidewalks.

But whatever, we went to brunch at The Heights - as usual. For a snowmageddon day, Columbia Heights is bustling! The Heights was seriously bumpin'. We were able to grab some bar seats and sample two of the new menu items.

On the way back we thought we might hit Target, having heard it was open. But whoa! Half of DC was at DCUSA and Target and Bed Bath & Beyond had CLOSED! Also, we hear the gym closed earlier, too. Payless was open. And Chipotle. And Starbucks. Not sure about Radiance MediSpa, but if you miss your botox appointment you can just do what I did and try making a face imprint in the snow. Or don't... I still can't feel my left cheek.


ArtBart said...

The reason for the Target visit was for beer and wine, no worries, though. D'Vines is open and bustling!

Anonymous said...

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