Sunday, December 6, 2009

Why Columbia Heights Needs a Sports Bar

Right now I'm sitting at home watching college football. The Husker D is (was?) busy rocking Texas. Halftime is coming up. You know what I'd like to do? Head to a local bar to watch the second half.

But - Commonwealth is showing Georgia Tech - Clemson. RedRocks only has one (or two) TVs. The Heights usually has one on sports and one on news, but it's not a good place to watch football. I would have to head to Solly's or Nellie's to have any hope of catching my game (or of course - hit the Husker bar all the way over on Capitol Hill, love the Union Pub and their cheap Bud Light!). But - I can't really get to U Street in the break halftime allows.

So... I'll just stay home and drink my free beer and yell, "SSSSUUUHHH!" at my own personal TV. But I'm just saying - if we did indeed have a Columbia Heights Sports Bar, I'd totally go spend money there RIGHT NOW.

Oh shit - Texas just scored. And I have to yell at the TV in private!


Anonymous said...

In the interest of accuracy it should be noted that RedRocks has TWO televisions, although admittedly one is barely visible except from the bar. Just sayin' that if you're going to snark about CH, you need to get your information right.

Sports Bars Suck said...

sports bars suck!

THL said...
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Anonymous said...

The new Thai place on 14th had multiple games on yesterday.

rdo said...

You could have just walked to Tonic. They have three TV's over the bar and more in the back. I'm sure they had the game on--with the sound playing as well.