Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Taxi Zones Live for 7 More Weeks

From today's WaPo, but I read it first on DCist, natch:

The District's taxi switch from zones to meters will now start on May 1.
The new deadline, replacing the April 6 starting date, came about after [D.C. Superior Court] Judge Henry F. Greene ruled that the D.C. government had published different timetables for public comment on the final regulations for the new meter system. A city official blamed it on a typographical error.
Over the years, the talk about cabs switching to meters has been as numerous as the Real World:DC rumors. There are many arguments as to what is the best option for the city and its taxi drivers, but as someone who lives and works in DC I prefer the proposed metered system.

The WaPo (again, I know, and this will be one of the few times I say something nice about the paper, so savor it) has a great interactive map that allows you to estimate fares comparing the zoned- and metered-systems. For example, going to Capitol Hill from my office is $1 cheaper if charged by zone. But to catch a ride to Columbia Heights from anywhere south of U Street on a Saturday, it will only cost $4.50 under the new meters, compared to $8.80 it costs me every weekend.

It'll be neat to add the taxi zones under my growing list of "I remember when ..." DC potpourri, such as:
  • I remember when DC USA was just a giant hole in the ground.
  • I remember when The Spot was on F Street instead of condos and the Cowgirl Creamery.
  • I remember when there was a movie theater at Connecticut and R streets.

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