Monday, March 10, 2008

What to do? Trivia Night v. Manhattan Mondays

It's Monday in Columbia Heights. It's probably also Monday in the rest of Washington, but those folks don't have to deal with my Columbia Heights Exclusive Monday Dilemma...

Trivia Night at the Wonderland? Or Manhattan Mondays at the Red Derby?

On the one hand: Organized fun and happy hour, but a slight risk that someone from NoVa might be there.

On the other hand: Better drinks, video projections, and a no-NoVa guarantee.
Columbia Heights Exclusive Monday Night Dilemma will be decided as all such dilemmas are decided: a mass email.


kate said...

Why don't we just bring trivia questions to the Red Derby? We can then avoid the hot mess that Wonderland trivia has become. (forgive me if I double-post)

Anonymous said...

The questions aren't fun at all. I hated high school science while in high school and I hate it more now.

Dalton said...

Actually, I'm from Northern Virginia (no one who's from there would ever call it NoVa) & I hang out at the Derby.