Sunday, March 9, 2008


So there was this article in the New York Times yesterday about a bunch of bloggers living in a house in Washington, DC. If the New York Times style section said it was cool, we figured we'd better get to blogging...

But wait, all of DC is already living together and blogging. Does this mean the New York Times failed to identify a fresh and upcoming trend? Of course not! The New York Times is always right! Blogging is cool! So we are blogging!

And why are we blogging? Because we sit around over beers with our friends discussing and analyzing our lives as young people living in Columbia Heights, Washington, DC. We figured we may as well write that shit down and see if Google Ads can help us make a buck off it. That's The Heights Life. Welcome.


kate said...

I do hope that we can all aspire to being as cool as the people in that article. Failing that, at least as cool as we used to be when we blogged in college :). I learned years ago that liveblogging a party can be very dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Those people aren't cool, although some of them are nice, when they feel like it. Really, I think once the NYT writes about your house, your community has probably jumped the shark.