Saturday, March 28, 2009

Columbia Heights, Best of DC 2009

The "Best of DC 2009" from the Washington City Paper is up and Columbia Heights walked away with some choice prizes, such as best and second best neighborhood bar and best bakery.

You can read the whole list here.

A few highlights:

Best Up and Coming Neighborhood: Columbia Heights
Best Neighborhood Bar: The Wonderland
Second Best Neighborhood Bar: The Red Derby
Best Rooftop View: Keyon Square
Best Bakery: Sticky Fingers
Best Burger: Five Guys
Best Designed Retail Space: DC USA
Best Vegan Restaurant: Sticky Fingers
Second Best Pizza: Pete's Apizza
Second Best Dive Bar: The Wonderland
Third Best Blogger: Prince of Petworth

Now certainly this list has some absurdities about it - as if DC USA is actually so brilliantly designed? Or, perhaps the greatest crime on the whole City Paper list - best coffee shop. Come on DC, I drink Starbucks too, but you've got to give the love to the locals! How on earth did Starbucks make the list?

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Jamie said...

It's a bit of a silly contest, since it's all just based on raw numbers not any kind of objective comparison. Columbia Heights has a huge new population so of course they'll get a ton of votes.

But DCUSA is a very cool retail space.