Monday, March 16, 2009

Countdown to Circulator: Bus route announced

As reported last month, a Circulator bus will begin service to Columbia Heights in late-March, and now the Washington Business Journal has a preview of its route:

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At only $1 per trip, the bus service is affordable and—from using its other routes—dependable as well. With a Circulator arriving every 10 minutes will you even wait for a 50-bus anymore to head south on 14th Street?


Anonymous said...

I am confused. Does the bus just retrace its path instead of doing a loop? isn't irving one way, so how does it go west back to Adams Morgan?

Brandon said...

Great news for us folks in Columbia Heights!

ArtBart said...

@Anonymous, I assume the bus will use Columbia Road for its westbound route, just as the H buses do. Hopefully DC Circulator or Jim Graham will have more info including stops and operating schedule in the coming week.