Friday, March 13, 2009

Taking Punches to the Glut

Punch was a staple at holiday parties when I was growing up. Just pour some cranberry juice, a bottle of ginger ale, the all-important container of raspberry sherbet, add ice, maybe a little mint, and — voila! — a tasty nonalcoholic drink for the entire family to enjoy. What’s new in the DC cocktail scene, though, is not your family's fruit punch.

Last night the owners of Room 11 — the new wine and pastry bar on 11th and Lamont — offered a preview of their drink menu at the final Punch Club held at Warehouse. Five punch bowls were available, as well as beer, wine, and specialty drinks.

With prices set at $5 or $6, The Heights Life and friends were able to sample quite a few of the offered libations. Among the punches, a lively, earthy cup of Jersey Lightning was voted No. 1 by the table. Also tried was a lighter version of Chatham Artillery (my favorite), a Pisco Punch, and some delicious (albeit quite sweet) glögg.

If just a few of these drinks make are served at Room 11, it will be a neighborhood gem. While mixing drinks, partner Dan Searing said that Room 11 is set to open in four to six weeks and will have patio seating.


Anonymous said...

does this room 11 is open or opening sometime in 09? I am really excited for a grown up place to get a drink...

ArtBart said...

Yeah, I know I really buried the lede. Check out the last paragraph: will open in 4 to 6 six weeks.