Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rita's is OPEN! Plus: Pho Watch

I just had a Rita's Gelati. Why? Because I can. Rita's is OPEN for the season. They unlocked the doors yesterday.

In addition to the Pretzel Blendini's we mentioned, they also have a "light" menu on the door. And, next Friday for the first day of Spring, Rita's will be offering their traditional celebratory free ice.

Also, has us on Pho 14 watch. If anyone sees this place open in the coming days, let us know (theheightslife at gmail dot com). The new restaurant is opening on Park Road on the backside of DCUSA.

While we love the influx of new places, The Heights Life thinks we need more places that stay open late on weekends. Right now the only option for late night food is getting some mac and cheese from CVS and cooking it yourself (note: mac and cheese is delicious, especially at 1AM).

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