Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, THL: The Top Six Posts

1. Butts on Poles: A Rant - Spud Lite's No. 1 pet peeve of rude Metro riders.

2. Rough Friday night? - ArtBart finds a guy sleeping on her stoop.

3. Just A Little More Salad Bar... - Spud Lite's beautifully shot video of the Ruby Tuesday's salad bar.

4. SHOWDOWN! Starbucks v. Starbucks - Spud Lite never expected there would be two Starbucks in Columbia Heights.

5. What to wear when you shop at Target
- ArtBart usually just wears pajamas and flip-flops (like last night).

6. Biking the Heights: CH on Two Wheels - Spud Lite's suggestions for bike-friendly commuting routes.

Thanks for your continued readership. We'll be here to provide updates and commentary of living in Columbia Heights. Did you hear about the Uptowner Cafe opening soon in the old Carvel space on 14th Street?

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