Friday, April 18, 2008

What to wear when you shop at Target

A few months ago, before Target opened, I was in CVS one evening and joked that this felt like college. Especially based on how I was dressed: flip-flops despite the cold weather, yoga pants, and an old sweatshirt. I think I was buying odd things as well, like toothpaste, laundry detergent, and plastic-wrap. However, once Target opened I upped my game.

It is my goal to always shop at Target in not my best attire. Comfort and even grunginess is the key here. Those yoga pants I mentioned above, have made at least four trips to Target so far. My circa 1998 powder puff T-shirt, you are more than welcomed past the big red entrance. Same goes for messy hair, sandaled feet, and a bare face.

It's that what makes Columbia Heights and all it's retail, restaurants, and bars great. They are truly neighborhood spots and ones of such convenience. Who cares how you look.


Truth About It said...

Well, it's a good thing we don't live in Georgetown.....then, we'd be some pretentious pricks going to Tar-jyaé in a bow-tie and something sear-sucker.

Anonymous said...

I think on sear-sucker day in the Senate, I might go to Target in sear-sucker in honor of Trent Lott. He just loves sear-sucker day.

Anonymous said...

There's really no such thing as "shopping" at Soviet Target. It's more like scavenging. Seriously, that store sucks. They have NOTHING.

Anonymous said...

You must be going on a Saturday or Sunday. I suggest a Tuesday or Wednesday for better shopping.

I've asked them and they are still getting the traffic-flow/ordering worked out.

belmontmedina said...

There is nothing wrong with seersucker.