Sunday, April 20, 2008

Breaking News: D'Vines is OPEN

We have wine!

After days of mongering, this blog's rumor came true: D'Vines (d'vines actually, but the all lower case looks funny leading a sentence) is OPEN in Columbia Heights!

This was actually breaking news this morning. They had a soft opening today. The shelves are not exactly full, but they appeared to have a good selection in place. They also have a wine chiller that George of d'vines tells me will chill your favorite bottle in 3 minutes.

I spoke with store manager Pat Hayes (who gets points for having heard of this blog). He said a big grand opening will happen May 1, and until then they are open for business. They only just got their license yesterday at 4PM. Since then, they've been ordering away in an effort to fill the shelves.

They've done a good job filling the beer case. George says it's only 25% full now, but the selection was good if you are willing to venture beyond Yeungling. I noticed some of my favorite Belgian options.

And now, meet Pat and George. Maybe soon, they will get YOU drunk. Pat does all the talking because George is a bit shy. This cell phone video doesn't do our lovely wine vendors justice, in person - I swear they both have eyes. Shame on the camera for not capturing that! Anyhow, here's Pat and George:


Anonymous said...

Sweet! I see some Old Chub in that picture of the beer case. I'll be checking it out soon.

Now onto the Mattress Discounters update! When it is going to open! The people want to know! (I kid, I kid)

Spud Lite said...

If we were getting a Mattress Discounters, I'd totally go jump on the beds and then blog about it.

mr-t-in-dc said...

Yes, I think a mattress store of some kind is going in to one of the retail spaces on the Park Road side of DCUSA.

mpb said...

I was in there as well, and I must say I liked the beer selection. Pat said that they'll have twice as much stock in a few weeks, which should be great--considering the cooler looked 3/4 full.